Password Safety

The topic of password safety is a tricky one. On one hand what is considered secure changes on a daily basis and it becomes a hassle for users to do what is considered correct. Unfortunately we can no longer rely on companies to the protectors of our digital identities. It seems you can’t go a week or two without there being a large news story about X company has been hacked and Y records of personal data has been posted online. So now it’s up to us more pro-active. Some of the basics that are encouraged is for you to use long hard to remember passwords and to not use the same password on more than one site. It’s also encouraged for sites that use it to turn on two factor authentication where you use both a password you have and a code you get to identify yourself. I find that using a system like LastPass is a good start to this. If you are unfamiliar with LastPass here is a quick tutorial on using it.

TWiT Live Specials 199: An Introduction to LastPass

As with all things computery today this is changing constantly. There are things coming out in the future that look promising and I will keep looking into things you might want to know. As I see things that are worth mentioning I’ll post them here.

As for LastPass I myself use it constantly and if you want to try it out and pay for the service feel free to use this referal code to get a free month of service:

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