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Facebook: The good, The bad, and the Shameless Plug

Jump to TLDR Below Have you heard about this new thing called Facebook? Okay you got me I couldn’t even keep my face strait long enough to start out like that. Odds are you know Facebook and odds are even greater you have either a personal profile or maybe even a Facebook Page for your […]

Off Topic: 2014 merit badge rankings: Which were the most and least popular?

Merit Badges are a big deal at summer camp. While not the only part of summer camp it’s an important aspect of the program you offer. Are you curious about which merit badges you offer and how they stack up to others? If so you might want to check out this article from Bryan Wendell […]

Aerial view of Camp Chawanakee in Shaver Lake

2015 Camp Chawanakee Launch Day

Camp Chawanakee has been using the Online Merit Badge Signups for more years than any other camp. As a matter of fact they are the first camp to use our system and over the years have helped with great feedback on new features to improve it over the years. Today they had their first day […]